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Wittawas Sajjapong, PhD is a full-time lecturer at University of Phayao in the nutrition and dietetics. I am responsible for active teaching classes with enthusiasm to apply my knowledge and skills for students. I am confident they’ll graduate with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the career path. Based on community-based learning, I am the one who integrated student learning in academic courses with community engagement in elderly school. From this project, we learned by participation to develop healthy recipes, resulting a short course of nutrition in elderly. Consequently, we became Northern native recipes with high nutrient for the elderly. Moreover, I continued to initiate the development of alternative protein products from cricket. Its alternative protein source is suitable for people of all ages, especially the elderly with difficulty in chewing and swallowing problem. Nowadays, the cricket farming learning center is being developed to a smart vertical farm.
It's one of the best parts of being a teacher to earn a professional teacher award (UP- Professional Standard Framework: UP-PSF), a standard criteria for professional teachers, which is indicative of the excellent teacher for me. Furthermore, I am a sterling mentor to students who competed under the “Path to Innovation (Research to Market – R2M)” to drive research and innovation of coffee drink from educational institutions to commercial use. Their outstanding “Marony”, a special fermented coffee who made their way to be a representative team from the northern region to participate in the R2M Thailand 2022 which was held by Ministry of Science and Technology. This is indicative of the excellent mentorship they received from me. Finally, the award I am most proud of is that I contributed a number of skills, experience and in-depth knowledge as a lecturer and researcher in nutrition sciences program to prove myself an able researcher and I was bestowed a very nice honour as the recipient of the an award for Outstanding Personnel Award in Social engagement 2022, University of Phayao.


Published on: 27/01/2023 02:38 pm
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Class of: 2020
Field: Science and Technology
Faculty / Institute / College: Institute of Nutrition
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Nutrition)