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Dietitian for society and people's quality of life

Dr. Patnapa Srichomchey started from a medical technologist to a registered dietitian who never stops improving herself and further developing herself towards integrative medicine and applying the principles of integrated work with multidisciplinary teams through policy driving at the management level of organizations and professional associations. Focus on supporting the development of academic work and professional standards. Begin pioneering work in HIV/AIDS nutrition in Thailand as a research dietitian under the project of the Thai-Australian Collaboration in HIV Nutrition at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center and gain experience in the field of disease prevention and health promotion. Until having the opportunity to develop the nutrition and dietetic work system in Theptarin Hospital which is a hospital that not only treats diseases but also actively focuses on the prevention of various chronic non-communicable diseases, and also encourages people in the organization to have a public mind to work in various professional associations, to jointly create a standard of care and promote the health of Thai people as well as promoting research studies to further develop and apply knowledge for the development of healthcare service system to the public.


Published on: 26/05/2023 02:26 pm

MU Quick Fact

Class of: 2005
Field: Science and Technology
Faculty / Institute / College: Institute of Nutrition
Degree: Master of Science (Food and Nutrition for Development )