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Dying Peacefully Facilitator

Over the past 20 years, Wanna has been a pioneer and founder of the Peaceful Death Group. By organizing campaign activities and disseminating knowledge through a peaceful death training course with Phra Paisal Wisalo, which helped spark the preparation for death in Thai society with patients, caregivers, health personnel, meditation practitioner and people who are interested in joining continuously. And also cooperated with a multi-disciplinary network to establish the Thai Palliative Care Society which disseminate knowledge of palliative care and develop a Thai Palliative Care Network until expanding throughout the country. In addition, Wanna initiated a campaign to raise awareness of preparing for peaceful death in public areas such as Before I Die @Central World / Happy Deathday @Queen Sirikit National Convention Center / Death Rehearsal with Round Fingers @Wat That Thong, etc. To change attitudes and promote the culture of death as something that can be discussed in the family and Society. Therefore, the Peaceful Death under Wanna's leadership producing books, manuals, games, video clips and articles come out continuously and disseminated through social media. (Learn more details on the website and Facebook page and currently there are more than 300,000 interested followers)


Published on: 18/01/2023 03:06 pm
วรรณา จารุสมบูรณ์

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Class of: 1995
Field: Social Science and Humanities
Faculty / Institute / College: Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Degree: Master of Arts (Medical and Health Social Sciences)