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Asst. Prof. Dr.  
Green Chemistry Trailblazer in Thailand

Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanyaporn is a trailblazer in green chemistry. She reshaping sustainable energy and waste management in Thailand. Her innovative work in bioenergy and biorefinery, particularly in harnessing hydrogen and methane from biomass has marked a significant leap in creating eco-friendly bioproducts. She has pioneered enzyme engineering for producing green chemicals and exploring microorganisms for enhanced biohydrogen and biomethane production. Her standout project consists of the food waste digestion system that is operational across 33 stations in Thailand. These stations are revolutionizing food and agricultural waste management, aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Her impactful contributions, including 39 international publications, 2 petty patents, and 17 patent filings, emphasize her dedication to sustainability and her inspiring role in promoting a circular economy in Thailand with science and technology.



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Published on: 17/04/2024 02:28 pm

MU Quick Fact

Class of: 2011
Field: Science and Technology
Faculty / Institute / College: Faculty of Science
Degree: 2011 : Doctor Of Philosophy (Biochemistry), 2006: Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)