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Local-Wisdom to Help Children with Disabilities

Since studying Bachelor of Arts (Deaf Studies) at Mahidol University, K. Rojchana had the opportunity to get acquainted with people with hearing disabilities. After graduating, she had the opportunity to spend her daily life with people with different types of disabilities. So, she decides to continue her work in the field of the education system for people with disabilities. She starts her work as an assistant teacher and ends up as school director eventually. In 2013, her invention called “Transformer II All-In-One Local Wisdom” the physical therapy device developed from the idea that a single device can help save costs and restore physical performance and stimulate the development of children with disabilities. This invention won “Best Practice” from Local Wisdom and Children with Disability Development Project by the Office of the Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education. In 2020, Kanchanaburi Primary Educational Service Area Office 2 and Phanom Thuan District’s School Administrators Association recognized K. Rojchana as a role model for a dedicated teacher who continually helps and caring for her students.


Published on: 20/09/2022 06:17 pm

MU Quick Fact

Class of: 2004
Field: Social Science and Humanities
Faculty / Institute / College: Ratchasuda College
Degree: Bachelor of Arts Program