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PT who Creates K.L.I.M.B. Management Technique

Asst. Prof. Preecha Dhanva(â)rjor is the physical therapist (PT) who invents the physical therapy treatment with the Kinematic Linkage Imbalance (K.L.I.M.B.) management technique, a treatment that results in rapid healing and can practically be used by applying basic knowledge of anatomy and physical therapy to assess and treat the cause of pain, impaired mobility, lack of stability leading to muscle weakness, chronic tightness, reduced flexibility and muscle power imbalance possibly from lesions of bones, joints, muscles, reduced movement due to behavior and environment of individuals with pain in back, lower limb, neck, and upper limb. This technique emphasizes manual therapy and therapeutic exercise for adjusting core muscle and joint linkage imbalance to enable quick and efficient recovery. This technique is applied in hospitals, clinics, communities, and sports including advising patients and relatives to appropriate self-care to return to normal, promotion, and prevention aiming for a better quality of life. This technique was applied to successfully treat patients, badminton athletes of the Thai national team, and other sports. This technique has also been disseminated to lecturers and physical therapists nationwide including sports organizations and research citations.


Published on: 29/05/2023 04:21 pm
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MU Quick Fact

Class of: 1978
Field: Health Science, Social Science and Humanities
Faculty / Institute / College: Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University International College
Degree: Master of Science (Anatomy)