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Col. Assist Prof. Dr. 
Nurse Instructor Role Model with 38 Years of Work

Col. Assist Prof. Dr. Pannee work as a nursing instructor for her students in bachelor's degrees, diplomas, and nursing specialty certificate programs. Her teaching includes both theory and practice about health promotion, hazards of smoking, and tobacco control. Including her work as an advisor of the Royal Thai Army Nursing Students Club to create a smoke-free society and develop health behavior change innovation for the community. She also brings knowledge and experience from her research to continue her work on military personnel to quit smoking. She also works in the academic services field as a lecturer, advisor of master’s degree students, Chair of the thesis defense committee, an expert for research instruments, and reviewer for articles in her field. She published an academic book called “Nurses and Health Behavior Modification: Concepts, Theories, and Applications.” and co-authored academic books with Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University.


Published on: 26/03/2024 09:00 am
Pannee Pantaewan..

MU Quick Fact

Class of: 2011
Field: Health Science
Faculty / Institute / College: Faculty of Public Health
Degree: Doctor of Public Health