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K.Kantaporn Harnphanich 
Next Generation of Hospital Management

Mr. Kantaporn Harnphanich, Chief Marketing Officer of Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited, started working in hospital marketing at the age of 28 years. He created a very successful marketing campaign called “The Best job in Thailand” in 2017. “The Best job in Thailand” is to create Brand Awareness for newly opened hospitals, which is a project that bypasses the limitations of traditional hospital advertising at that time. More than 10,000 applicants submitted a clip of less than 1 minute in length that can explain their suitability for taking the position of a patient happiness survey. The selected candidate will receive a salary of 1 million baht per month for 6 months.

In addition, Mr. Kantaporn has been invited to be a speaker at important conferences since the age of 30, he has been invited to speak at Hospital Management Asia (Regional Public Health and Healthcare Systems Seminar) and Academic Conference 60 years Faculty of Medicine - Chiang Mai University "HEALTH EXPO" on the topic of Value Creation in Healthcare and Patient Care Experience and Engagement in 2019, etc.

The awards that Khun Kantaporn has received (3 years in the past) are as follows:
- 2022; Received Influential People Awards from HOWE Magazine
- 2020; Received Outstanding Executive Award and a model person of the year in the field of medicine and public health from the Foundation for Thai Society
- 2019; was awarded the quality person of the year in the medical business sector from the Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand.


Published on: 09/02/2023 09:09 am
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Class of: 2017
Field: Social Science and Humanities
Faculty / Institute / College: College of Management
Degree: Master of Management