Mahidol University Alumni Relations
A Pioneer in Thailand’s AI Chatbot technology

After graduating from the Faculty of ICT, K. Chanakarn dedicated his time to Mahidol University by working as a special lecturer every year to share his knowledge about AI technology including his work experience and founding start-up company experience for Mahidol University students. In addition, he has been recognized as a pioneer in the AI chatbot business by founding a startup company called ROBOLINGO COMPANY LIMITED (ZWIZ.AI) which developed an artificial intelligence platform, AI chatbot, and business data analysis for over 50,000 organizations. Today, his company has rapidly grown and received many awards such as ASEAN's Best AI/Machine Learning Startup from the Rice Bowl Startup Awards, the ASEAN ICT Awards in the Startup category, and the Best B2B SaaS Solutions Provider from APAC Insider, etc.



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Published on: 20/09/2022 10:21 am

MU Quick Fact

Class of: 2012
Field: Science and Technology
Faculty / Institute / College: Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Information And Communication Technology)