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Assoc. Prof. Dr.  
A Pioneer in Thailand's Child Protection

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adisak is a pioneer in child safety promotion for the prevention of accidental injury and violence against children in Thailand. From his experience in the medical field for many years, accidents and safety issues often be the biggest cause of death or disability in children and also causes harmful effects on the minds of parents and people involved. So, he decide to change his work interest to child safety as "Safety Is a Human Right". Every child has the right to be taken care of in order to grow up and have good development in an equally safe environment.


Published on: 31/10/2022 02:19 pm
RA-รศ.นพ.อดิศักดิ์ ผลิตผลการพิมพ์

MU Quick Fact

Class of: 1986
Field: Health Science
Faculty / Institute / College: Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital
Degree: Doctor of Medicine