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Dr. Uniansasmita has works that have resulted from the application of knowledge and empirical benefits in the field of education, including the provision of Mother Tongue-based Bi/Multilingual Education and Intercultural Education. Because Patani-Malay is the mother tongue of a minority community of approximately one million people living in the south of Thailand. The fact that most communities don’t speak Thai has resulted in students struggling to succeed in the Thai monolingual school system. The PMT-MLE program uses the power of their mother tongue to counter chronic underachievement in school, bringing social and linguistic equality at the same time. A study has already shown that students taking part in the multilingual education project do better than students at monolingual schools. The part of "Mother Tongue-based Bi/Multilingual Education" has been applied under the operation of a long-term research project (more than 9 years) in 4 pilot schools from 4 southern border provinces, namely Yala, Pattani, Satun, and Narathiwat. This project was later expanded to 15 schools in 3 Southern border provinces. The implementation of such projects has been recognized and established a national reputation through awards such as the Good Invention Award 2012 from the National Research Council of Thailand. At the same time, it was accepted and created an international reputation by receiving the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize 2016. In addition, another project that has been applied and has educational benefits for students in 3 southern border provinces is Intercultural Education under the research project “Operational research on the development of multilingual-multicultural media to increase the efficiency of language learning and strengthen skills of understanding the differences between people to living together for schools in the southern border provinces. This project supported by the National Research Council of Thailand since the fiscal year 2022 and has been accepted by the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre (SBPAC) to continue funding the project through 2023 and expand more than 15 schools in 3 southern border provinces.



Published on: 28/09/2023 09:16 am
Uniansasmita Samoh

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Class of: 2018
Field: Science and Technology
Faculty / Institute / College: Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Linguistics)