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Social Entrepreneur for Folk Wisdom and Craft

Co-founder of "FlowFolk Company Limited" gathers a group of people who share the same beliefs/ideas. She believes that if folk wisdom and local craftsmanship have been revitalized through the ages, they can strengthen and create livable and sustainable local communities. The concept of research and development is applied in our organization’s operation and this had been inspired during her study in the Master of Science Program in Food and Nutrition for Development (International Program), now become the Master of Science Program in Food Science for Nutrition (International Program), at the Institute of Nutrition. This course aimed to allow students to understand the importance of nutrition in a whole food supply chain from product design to the assessments of quality, efficiency, and safety. The course also encouraged students to develop analytical thinking processes, research designs that focus on solving problems and delivering benefits to consumers, and an awareness of implementation feasibility. She had an opportunity to be part of the “Innovative food product for oral cancer patients” project. Working with experts from different fields allowed her to understand the value of their dedication to the benefit of others and the great impact of their contribution that could promote the quality of life of others. Therefore, she would like to continue being on the pathway that can create a positive impact on society. In addition, she was one of the "Happy Field Happy Farm" team that won the award of the "Banpu Champions for Change 5" project. And, after years in an R&D career, she decided to study in the “European Master in Food Studies” program at Wageningen University. Her experience underpins that a contribution based on a consideration of others’ benefit/public interests in the areas of environment, economy, and society can lead to sustainability in society.


Published on: 27/01/2023 09:30 am

MU Quick Fact

Class of: 2011
Field: Science and Technology
Faculty / Institute / College: Institute of Nutrition
Degree: Master of Science (Food And Nutrition for Development)