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The Initiator of Thailand 4.0 and BCG Economy

Dr. Suvit Maesincee, while serving as Minister of Science and Technology during 2017-2019, developed and pushed forward the concept of “Thailand 4.0”. It is a model that aims to help Thailand overcome the Middle- income Trap and the Inequality Trap in the context of local and global dynamics in accordance with the guidelines laid down by Thailand 20-Year National Strategy with the emphasis on the concept of "Sufficiency Economy" - a philosophy based on the fundamental principle of Thai culture. Furthermore, during 2019-2020, Dr. Suvit, who at that time served as Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation (MHESI) proposed and initiated the BCG (Bio-Circular-Green) Economy Model focusing on sustainable growth. In fact, every countries in the world can utilized BCG Economy Model by adapting to their own contexts including the environment, the economy, the society, or the culture. One of the challenges of today’s development is the “silo” effect of all stakeholders, BCG Economy Model brings together all stakeholders to achieve common goals. There are 5 prominent features of BCG Economy Model, namely, 1) the utilization of both biodiversity and cultural diversity, 2) the balance distribution of strategic sectors and targeted industries, 3) the involvement of all entrepreneurs including community enterprises, SMEs, large enterprises, and startups, 4) the connection between local, regional, national and global level economy, 5) the balance between importing technology and the development of domestic technology. After Dr. Suvit left his post from MHESI in 2020, he became a co-founder of “Youth In Charge” or YIC, an open integrative and collaborative platform that empowers youth between 15-22 years of age from various backgrounds to co-design and co-create their own future, to be a driving force for important agendas. YIC is truly a platform under the concept of “for youth, with youth, and by youth”.



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Published on: 29/06/2023 04:10 pm

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