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Notification of Policy Changes by Microsoft Corp. for OneDrive Service

Microsoft Corp., the proprietor of the Microsoft 365 Education (Office 365 A1) product, has officially communicated a modification to its policy regarding the allocation of OneDrive storage space for users within the educational sector. Consequently, there will be a reduction in the allocated storage capacity from the initial 1 TB per account to 100 GB per account, effective as of February 1st, 2024. Mahidol University has incorporated this product into its service framework to cater to the needs of our students, alumni and staff.

In order to safeguard against potential data loss and mitigate the effects stemming from the change in service policy by Microsoft Corp., we respectfully request that you conduct a thorough assessment of current space utilization. Additionally, please proceed to transfer data out of the Mahidol University OneDrive on Microsoft 365, ensuring that the residual storage space is confined to a maximum of 100 GB before the specified date.

Should there be any additional announcements pertaining to modifications in the service policy from Microsoft Corp., the Division of Information Technology, Office of the President, will duly notify you. For more details concerning these policy amendments, kindly refer to the following source: Microsoft 365 Storage Options.


Announcement of changing Mahidol account from student domain to alumni domain (Class of 2022)

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